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Name Professor Course Date Rites Of Passage Rites of passage can be described as a series of events that symbolize the crucial transition from one status to another in someone’s life. According to Kottak these transitions not only apply to social status but also to changes in place condition social position or age. Kottak gives an example of a rite of passage in a certain North American culture where are boys are isolated and moved into the wilderness. There the boys are believed to have visions that will always guide them in their lives. This rite of passage transforms those boys from boyhood to manhood status. When they come back they are reincorporated into the community as men. From this example he acknowledges Van Gennep that rites of passage have three phases: separation margin and aggregation. During a rite of passage a group of people or individual is isolated that I have experienced in my Chinese culture; coming to age ceremonies (especially Ji li) marriage ceremonies and the expatriate rite of passage. During the Ji li I was a liminal individual meaning that I went through the rituals in the liminal phase. I had a personal experience of the Ji li rite of passage before I was accepted in my community as a woman or an adult. I have also witnessed a number of wedding ceremonies and analyzed the way the marriage rite of passage is completed. I have seen how expats go through their rite of passage before they are incorporated into our culture or community. After a thorough analysis of the three rites of passage I can confidently say that they have the three phases (separation margin and aggression) as mentioned by Kottak. Work Cited Kottak Conrad Phillip. “Windows on humanity.” Urban Anthropology 11 (2005): 11.
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