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Xerox and Total Quality Management

Xerox and Total Quality Management Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Xerox and Total Quality Management Xerox Corporation is known worldwide for being the pioneer of office technologies. It is the first company to manufacture different forms of xerographic copiers that dominated the market for a better period. Founded in 1906 Xerox then known as Haloid Company had specialized in production and distribution of photographic papers ((Sunny 2013). Despite staying active for close to 4 decades the company only acquired its commercial rights in xerography by the fall of 1947. The most significant development occurred in 1959 when Xerox introduced the 914 xerographic copiers that albeit having been in existence for a while had not received trading recognition. Following the success witnessed in its first machines the company expanded its line of operation launching both information and publication products. By 1985 Xerox Corporation had developed printers copiers as well as digital & Robinson J. A. (2011). Six Sigma Software Quality Improvement: Success Stories from Leaders in the High Tech Industry. New York NY: McGraw-Hill. Nwogugu M. (2015). The case of Xerox Inc.: Failed alliance-structures and joint ventures (As of 2012). SSRN Electronic Journal. doi.10.2139/ssrn.2622309 Schaltegger S. Lüdeke-Freund F. & Hansen E. G. (2012). Business cases for sustainability: the role of business model innovation for corporate sustainability. International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development 6(2) 95-119. Sunny S. (2013). gngdb/EPDM. GitHub. Retrieved from Syed F. (2009). The evolution of benchmarking: The Xerox Case. Total quality management. Retrieved from Terziovski M. & Hermel P. (2011). The role of quality management practice in the performance of integrated supply chains: a multiple cross-case analysis. Quality Management Journal 18(2) 10-25. Zott Christoph and Raphael Amit. “The business model: A theoretically anchored robust construct for strategic analysis.” Strategic Organization 11 no. 4 (2013): 403-411.
Include approximately 1500 words (about 6 pages), excluding the title and reference pages. Include an APA-formatted title page (see instructions located in the Writing and APA Resources tab) Use double-spacing. Use Times New Roman font (12 point). Include properly formatted parenthetical citations in the body of the paper. Provide a properly formatted reference page with a minimum of 10 sources

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