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Writing for Graduate School Essay

NameProfessor Course Date Admission Statement I am going to become a key person when it comes to influencing the lives of individuals to reconsider embracing the criminal world. Crime knows no boundaries and there are many reasons that push people into committing atrocities. The problem with crime is that it destabilizes societies thus affecting the younger generations from realizing their dreams. Youths tend to get quickly absorbed in this kind of life because of the immense peer pressure that comes about from their friends. When they are apprehended and at times charged due to their actions issues such as delinquency and high unemployment rates rise. Young people do not understand the actual consequences of committing a crime. The Hong Kong police database confirms that crimes in the city are declining but still many new cases are being reported. It essentially means that prominent and known criminals have managed to issue. The public relations bureau is responsible for sharing information with the public based on realistic happenings and having a commendable communicator as part of the team can improve the department’s prospects for efficiency. I shared a brief background experience of my childhood life and how my father motivated me to consider becoming a police officer. I have saved the lives of unknown strangers and influenced others to realize their potential. Through this part of the statement I consistently asked myself about the actual things that I can use to justify my decision of joining the police force. Sincerely I have had a genuine interest in this career and am confident that such an opportunity needs to be taken seriously. I am ready to commit myself to any duty or responsibilities that will be conferred to me just in case I am selected to be part of the bureau.
Writing for Graduate School Essay : Statement of PurposeIncludes Rhetorical Analysis(1,000 words)This assignment asks you to write a statement of purpose for graduate school, a scholarship, or an internship application. To prepare for this assignment, we will read about and discuss the possible rhetorical “moves” you can make in this genre that help increase the probability you will reach your specific audience and achieve your purpose. You will conduct research on your desired program to determine what knowledge, skills, and experience are needed. In your rhetorical analysis, you will explain and analyze the rhetorical moves you made.

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