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Writing assignment Wifi

Wi-Fi System Name College Introduction Wi-Fi is a networking technology that stands for Wireless Fidelity. This is a technology for wireless local area networking (WLAN) operating under specified international standards such as the IEEE 802.11 encryption. There are different wirelesses networking technologies available such as Luma Google Wi-Fi TP-Link Deco’s M5 Netgear Orbi Linksys Velop Tri Band and Securifi Almond 3 among others. All these network systems have major similarities in terms of their composition operationalization and importance which constitutes the focus of the below discussion (Krishna Babu & Ariwa 2012). Components of the Wi-Fi System Wireless networks such as the Wi-Fi do not differ from the wired networks by a wide margin of difference with the only departing difference being the fact that wireless networks must convert their data signals and packets into a manner that is possible for transmission over the airwaves. Wireless networks often constitute just ought therefore to strive to integrate this technological growth and advancements into the running of their activities so as to remain competitive improve quality and productivity increase access to information and services provide convenience to the people it serves among many other benefits. Even as society strives to upgrade its networks to latest internet standards the Wi-Fi system is also upgrading fast to the next level of standards to ensure it continues expanding its scope of use in the society. Equally important though is the stability of the Wi-Fi system its manageability and security. References Anniss M. (2014). How does WiFi work?. New York: Gareth Stevens Library. Krishna P. Babu M. & Ariwa E. (2012). Global Trends in Computing and Communication Systems: 4th International Conference Obcom 2011 Vellore TN India December 9-11 2011 Part I. Proceedings. Springer.Lee B. & Choi S. (2008). Broadband wireless access and local networks. Boston Mass.: Artech House.
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