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Name Tutor Subject Date The Tell-Tale Heart Analysis The narrator in Edgar Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a psychotic killer who kills an old man who stays with him. The narrator narrates his story very peacefully as if killing is a casual thing. The narrator murders the old man and buries him beneath the planks (Poe). He executes his plans carefully such that there are no traces of evidence left. However when the police officers come to interrogate him the sound of the old man’s heart disturbs the narrator until he confesses and tells the officers is unreliable. Conclusively the analysis indicates that the insanity paranoia and uneasiness of the narrators make him a classic example of an unreliable narrator. Throughout the story the narrator tries to prove that he is sane while his actions feelings and thoughts suggest that he is insane. Unlike the reliable narrators Edgar Poe’s narrator is pushed to justify his actions. Furthermore the unreliable narrators get confused and say or do things that they do not mean to say or do implying that this story takes the unreliability to extremes. Work Cited Poe Edgar Allan. “The Tell-Tale Heart.” (2013).
After reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” write an essay in which you use examples and details from the story to explain whether you think what the narrator (storyteller) is telling the reader an accurate account of what is really happening as opposed to what he imagines is happening. The issue, then, that you are writing about is whether the narrator is reliable.

(Underline the thesis (or the major proposition of an argument) of your essay. If you submit an essay in which the thesis (or major proposition) is not underlined, five points will be subtracted from the grade you receive for the essay.)

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