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Name Professor Course Date Reflection paper on Charles Darwin’s books Introduction Born in the year 1809 on 12th February Charles Darwin was an English geologist whose theories aimed at describing how human beings came into existence. The books that he wrote during his period represent the beliefs that are associated with the origin of species inclusive of the factors that influence their behavior both in their environment and heredity. Darwin’s books the Origin of Species Darwin’s Sacred Cause and the Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals have played a significant role in my recent learning. The books have various arguments on human existence which have impacted my environmental perceptions. Origin of species According to Darwin species came into existence through variations making them distinguishable from one another. This is about the traits that were passed on to them by their parents from generation to the next. The physical get themselves in and the feelings that they express. Thus my indulgence can now play a role in improving the modes through which human beings ought to relate to the animals in their vicinity. Conclusion In his discussions Darwin described the old makeup of individuals and animals thus an indication of their background. The emphasis that he brought about survivals and struggled regarding existence also indicates the variations of living conditions of people. Consequently he emphasized the need for unity and appreciation with each other despite the race. Work Cited Darwin Charles and Gillian Beer. The Origin Of Species. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1996. Print. Darwin Charles Steven Pinker and Charles Darwin. The Countenance of the Emotions in Man and Animals London: Folio Society 2008. Print Desmond Adrian J and James R. Moore. Darwin’s Consecrated Cause: How an Abhorrence of Slavery Molded Darwin’s Views on Human Evolution. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2009.
Write a 2-5 pages paper (not including bibliography), double spaced font 12 MLA format on “Reflecting on Darwin’s Books”
The books include, The Origin of Species, Darwin’s Sacred Cause, Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.

Paper should be high school – Freshmen college level.

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