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Wilderness in the american imagination

Student’s NameProfessor’s Name Affiliated Institution Date The Symbolic Significance of the Wilderness The book Into the Wild talks about a character by the name Christopher McCandless the main character who decides to visit a wilderness Alaskan. According to the truck driver Gallien the young man looked unprepared for the hike to the desert. Gallien realizes that McCandless did not have the basic requirements for survival in the wilderness. He realizes that McCandless did not have enough food good clothes and a compass that would at least help him survive in the wilderness. Later in the narrative McCandless is found dead by Alaskan Hunters in Denali National Park and Reserve after long starvation. Krakauer uses the wild to symbolize the nature and lifestyle of the Americans under the pressures of the society. McCandless was looking for solace the nature of people and how they respond to various challenges. Christopher was courageous and proud as he decided to explore and discover what was authentic. In a nutshell the wilderness signifies the nature and challenges we face in our daily life such as family problem and civilization. In the book it is interesting to find that McCandless had tried to go back to the civilization but he was stopped by the swollen river. He showed courage and determination to study and explore his nature even ending up losing his life in the wilderness. Krakauer in his life had been struggling to find solitude after suffering frustrations of truth and nature. His main mission was to seek happiness. Krakauer’s moral lesson is the importance of minding our capabilities. Work Cited Krakauer Jon. Into the wild. Anchor 2009.
1. you must have read and must have the book into the wild because you will need to find all your quotations in the book.
2. you must not use the internet for sources and citations. all must come from the book into the wild by Jon Krakauer.
3. it’s a max 800 words essay
4. the question is: “What does the wilderness signify in the American imagination? Write an essay examining the symbolic significance of the wilderness in Into the Wild.”

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