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Why you believe you are deserving of a scholarship?

Name: Course: Professor: Date: An application for the award of the NVCC business scholarship As an esteemed student at NVCC I hereby wish to express my interest in the business scholarship being awarded to students who have excelled well in their business courses. Being an asserted and self-disciplined student I take it as my duty come to fruition if am able to pursue the remaining years in campus as I will be able to gather a vast wealth of knowledge that will come in handy in helping me to make my community based business project a success in a bid to satisfy my desire to give back to my community.
Presented to NVCC students to recognize academic achievement in business, campus involvement and/or community service.
Applicants must:
1. be a full-time or part-time second year student at NVCC.
2. have a record of community service or service to the college.
3. demonstrate financial need.

DETAILS: I am an International student, so I can not work during the college.

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