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Why sibling should not share a room

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course Date Why Siblings Should Not Share a Room. With the rise in property value everywhere it is increasingly becoming harder to own bigger than or as big as desired houses. Traditionally or at least not that long ago most families had siblings share rooms. This idea of each kid having their bedroom is a relatively recent phenomenon (Godiva). Of course there are a lot of factors to consider while deciding to put kids in the same or separate rooms. There is the case of being able to have a big enough house there is also the case of what your kids actually want and also how you as a parent want for your children. Research shows that currently parents feel so guilty about making kids share rooms that they will go out of their way to live in bigger houses even when the cost to they can share but this should be avoided. Children need to be independent which they can start learning from having their own room. They will also develop at their own pace which is very important. So while times are hard bringing children up well is also very important and all parents should strive to find a way for their children to have their own rooms. Works Cited Braff Danielle. “Why parents are choosing to have kids share rooms even when there’s space.” 30 May 2016 Crawford. Pros and cons of kids sharing a room. 2015 [Accessed 12 Dec. 2017]. Daniel Stef. “Should Siblings Share Rooms – Pros and Cons.” Professor’s House 30 Oct. 2016 Godiva Catherine. “The Pros and Cons of Siblings Sharing Bedrooms.” Room To Grow 1 Nov. 2013 Perles Keren. “Peas in a Pod: Should Kids Share a Room?” 27 July 2012 
A research paper showing why sibling should not share a room

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