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Why should police officers wear body cameras?

Surname1 Name Instructor Course Date Why should policemen officers wear body cameras? Introduction We live in an era whereby technology dictates everything we do. Everywhere we go be it supermarkets hospitals church and even in the streets cameras are fixed all over. People nowadays are carrying smartphones with them to record events as they happen and eventually post them on social media. Debates on whether police officers should wear body cameras have been formed as they help police officers record incidents. A body camera is a small and portable gadget simply worn by police officers in their line of duty to record crime scenes as well as arrests. Even during the night where there is low lighting body cameras can still record videos of high quality. The aim of these cameras is to give correct record about officers during the performance of their duties. This paper is going to accountable and responsible conduct is it appropriate or inappropriate. Finally body cameras provide valuable evidence that is not possible to defend before the court of law and also ensures that general public is involved in decision making. For these reasons the government should come up with policies on the adoption and implementation of usage of police body cameras. It should also include in its budgets funds for training police officers as well as the general public on the use of body cameras. Work cited Erica Baum. 5 Pros and Cons of Police Wearing Body Cameras (2015). Retrieved from < Stanley Jay. “Police body-mounted cameras: With right policies in place a win for all.” New York: ACLU (2013). Ready Justin T. and Jacob TN Young. “The impact of on-officer video cameras on police-citizen contacts: findings from a controlled experiment in Mesa AZ.” Journal of Experimental Criminology 11.3 (2015): 445-458.
I’m looking for an argumentative paper , also a bibliography should be included

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