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Why is communication important for good leadership

Name Professor Course Date Introduction Communication is the central application or passage of message from the sender to receiver through a channel designed to the effect that process. It is the process through which information or certain data gets passed to the intended group or person. Communication takes effect through various channels provided within that context. The aspect of communication on certain channel depends on the nature of communication or the intended target. Communicating helps in people interaction as well as the exchange of ideas. The different designed channels of communication have produced to effect in transforming or passing over the information without even considering the boundary restriction. Communication exists to play an important role in the livelihood of the people. It is through communication that the interaction and performance of various aspects in the lives of people happen to take good terms with the employees. The communication allows to gather ideas and be able to integrate the best idea necessary to ensure there is successful undertaking as well as control of the operations. It is through good relations postulated by communication that the manger will be able to achieve such success. Conclusion Communication entails relaying the message to the target group through the use of the stipulated channel. Communication is an important aspect of life and more specifically for a leader. The importance of communication for a leader allows him or her to among other things inspire and connect build alignment and execute strategy inform the leader as well as allow him to gain control. In conclusion it is evident that a leader and a great one is one who entails to communicate efficiently and effectively with his or her followers.
3 page paper about why communication is the most influential part of being a great leader… This should directly correlate with leader inside of the work office! Try to stay specific as to why communication is the key to leadership!

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