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Why does Iago hate Othello so much, and why does he go to such lengths to destroy him?

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Lago’s Hatred for Othello In the play Othello the character named Lago is an illustration of individuals who do not get satisfied. Regardless of the individuals persuading and making sure that Cassio in integrated into the system Lago seems to have other issues lying within him. The friend is given the position of a lieutenant a job that Lago feels uncomfortable when Cassio is the one in charge. At the start of the play the individuals of struggling make sure that Othello offers the place of a lieutenant to Cassio. When Othello appoints the young and energetic manto serve as a lieutenant Lago is enraged and feels uncomfortable with the position. This action introduces the main reason that Lagodevelops hated against Othello. The character effect. In spite of the character eliminating to of Othello’s faithful individuals he is more obsessed to find that Othello is destroyed completely. According to Lago Othello is the cause of his grief and need to be eliminated for him to find his peace. Lago forms a party with Othello’s envious character (Roderigo). Roderigo is jealous of Othello because of marrying Desdemona. With the help of Roderigo Lago’s plan to destroy Othello seems to work well. At the end of the play readers are presented with the death of Othello which is as a result of the hardships imposed by Lago. It is possible to conclude that all the evil actions Lago is doing are as a result of jealousy. Works Cited Dehnert Amanda R. “Othello Shakespeare.” Othello Shakespeare. 1999.
Write a thesis statement that makes a debatable claim, and support that thesis in the body of the paper with specific examples and quotations from the play. You can assume that your audience has already read the play you are discussing, so you should avoid summarizing the plot. Instead, focus on analysis, and only discuss those plot details that support your interpretation.

You must also include research from a scholarly book, peer-reviewed journal, or instructor-approved website. Online study guides are not acceptable sources. Use your research to provide historical context, reinforce your claims, or provide a contrasting point of view. Include at least one quotation from your secondary source and MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

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