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WHISTLEBLOWING Student’s Name Institution email Abstract Whistleblowing entails the disclosure of information concerning the unethical behaviors within an organization. It has received media coverage in the modern era because of high profile corporate scandals such as corruption fraud and mismanagement of funds uncovered from big companies and government corporations. An individual has two options when he or she comes across a misconduct within an organization. Whereas the first option is to blow it the second one is to stay silent. When an individual chooses the first option he or she exposes an institution to the public with the aim to eradicate the problematic issue or misconduct and champion for reforms in the workplace. Organizations can be encouraged to blow the whistle as the benefits of doing it outweigh the consequences. Introduction One of the most common known definitions of whistleblowing entails the practice that enforcement bodies such as the Employee perceptions regarding whistle-blowing in the workplace: A South African perspective. Journal of Human Resources Management 6(2) 15-24. Sobral F. & Sampaio D.B. (2013). Speak now or forever hold your peace? An essay on whistleblowing and its interfaces with the Brazilian culture. Brazilian Administration Review 10 (4) 370-388. Schultz D. & Harutyunyan K. 2015). Combating corruption: The development of whistleblowing laws in the United States Europe and Armenia. International Comparative Jurisprudence 1(2) 87-97. Taiwo F.S. (2015). Effects of whistle blowing practices on organizational performance in the Nigerian public sector: empirical facts from selected local government in Lagos & Ogun State. Journal of Marketing and Management 6 (1) 41-61. Tsahuridu E.E. (2007). Organizational whistleblowing policies: making employees responsible or liable? Journal of Business Ethics 82 107-118. DOI 10.1007/s10551-007-9565-3 Wroge D. (2008). Whistleblowers: Loyal Corporate Employee or Disloyal Employee? Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota Journal 35 (4) 33-46.
Argument for whistle blowing

please be sure to discuss how it effects business

Research Paper should be 10 pages,
1. Use APA style, except that you will not use a running header.
2. Type on standard-sized (8.5 by 11) paper.
3. Double-spaced
4. One inch margins on all sides
5. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font
6. Insert page numbers, bottom, centered
7. No page headers please
8. No direct quotes. I prefer no quotes.
all feedback to paper, including Originality Report.
11. Organize paper into 7 major Sections. Do not start a new page for each section; just skip a couple of lines and start the next section. Please refer to attached example of a completed paper. Paper Sections:
(a) Completed Cover Sheet (I provide the cover sheet with spaces for your information),
(d)Literature Review,
(f)Suggestions for Future Research,
(g) References

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