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What is today’s most significant social problem?.. Obesity

Name Institution Professor Date Today’s most significant social problem- Obesity Introduction Around 1.9 billion people above eighteen years old in 2016 were obese. Similarly 41 million children of five years and below were also obese. Overall 340 million children and adolescents between ages five and nineteen were obese (Kraschnewski et al. 2013). Undoubtedly obese has become an epidemic in America. What exactly is obesity? Obesity is a condition characterized by the excess accumulation of fat and storage in the body. There is a significant difference between being “overweight” and “obese ” when an individual is considered overweight it means having more body weight than is considered normal for one’s age or build it does not mean having an excess amount of fat in the body. For adults a person with body mass index of between 30 and 39.9 is considered obese and above 40 is considered extremely obese. Individuals obesity is an epidemic that has significant effects on health such as contracting of diseases like stroke and many others social and psychological effects such as discrimination and self-esteem issues and economic impacts. Governments are working hand in hand with healthcare officials to find a way of reducing this pandemic by coming up with policies and provision of funds. I believe it is the duty of each to adopt a healthy lifestyle as we embark on the fight against obesity. Works Cited Jensen Michael D. et al. “2013 AHA/ACC/TOS guideline for the management of overweight and obesity in adults. A report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines and The Obesity Society. Journal of the American college of cardiology 63.25 Part B (2014): 2985-3023. Kraschnewski Jennifer L. et al. A silent response to the obesity epidemic: decline in US physician weight counseling. Medical care 51.2 (2013): 186-192.
write 4 double-spaced typed pages, with one-inch margins using a size 12 Times New Roman font. It must have a cover sheet. Also, use at least 2 articles to prove your point. If you have trouble meeting the minimum length, use additional articles. You may use personal references like “I, me, my, us our, and we” but no contractions like “can’t, won’t, etc.” use MLA format citations, articles within years of 2015-2018

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