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What is the cause of the increase in child obesity in the USA?

Name Professor Course Date Causes of the increase in childhood obesity in USA Introduction Child obesity has become a major concern in the United States with the number of obese children going up from one day to the other. The rise is alarming drawing questions of what might be the cause of the rapid rise in child obesity in the country. However the rise can be linked to various factors both personal and environmental. In this piece of work I will discuss at the causes of the increased levels of obesity among children in the United States. Behavioral causes of obesity Behavior of children and their parents contributes to the highest cases of obesity. Behaviors that increase the levels of this problem among children include eating sugary foods low nutrient beverages and foods lack of adequate physical activity and sedentary behaviors such as watching television continued use of smartphones valid reason for the increase in the levels of obesity among children in the United States (Sahoo et al 1). Conclusion As discussed above the rate which childhood obesity is increasing in the United States is at alarming levels. Since a large part of this is played by behavioral factors severe effects of the problem can be prevented by having adjustments in the behaviors of children. Adjustment of parent behaviors towards their children will as well help reduce levels of obesity. Works cited Gurnani Muskaan Catherine Birken and Jill Hamilton. “Childhood obesity.” Pediatric Clinics 62.4 (2015): 821-840. Papoutsi Georgia S. Andreas C. Drichoutis and Rodolfo M. Nayga. “The causes of childhood obesity: a survey.” Journal of Economic Surveys 27.4 (2013): 743-767. Sahoo Krushnapriya et al. “Childhood obesity: causes and consequences.” Journal of family medicine and primary care4.2 (2015): 187. You Tube “CAUSES SYMPTOMS OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY AND PREVENTION.” YouTube. N.p. 2017. Web. 15 Dec. 2017.
Write a paper of 1500 words. Cite all sources. Use 4 or 5 sources, this is not based on your opinion only. It has to be supported by investigation. Avoid copy and Paste.

1- Plastic surgery –Is plastic surgeries a way to become more beautiful, or just someone’s unhealthy idea? Do people who go plastic surgery have more opportunity in life?

2- Do you believe that Animal sacrifice for Religious purpose is rational? Is it common sense? There are some countries that do this, example, in Nepal and Pakistan.

3- What is the cause of the increase in child obesity in the USA?

4- Should the USA be the World Police? Does it help the USA in any way?
5-Some people go to war to have a ” Free Education”. In the USA this is known as the GI Bill. Do you think that this is a good idea?

6- Prejudices has been an issue in hiring new employees in many jobs; do you believe that this is still an issue in the USA?

Provide evidence, facts and statistics in your paper. Cite the sources to document your research.


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