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What is the Appeal of Adaptations

Name Tutor Class Date Journal 6 PART 1 Linda Hutcheon’s Text A Theory of Adaptation (2006) makes exploration on matters by theorizing the adaptive process. Hutcheon’s appeal on adaptation argues that all media have an underlying commonality which is associated with their roles in the process of adaptation. Also all genres reveal adaptation information functionality. It is this assumption moments are the convicted rapist who stalks the family of the lawyer who defended him the end also poses the best post-modernist thriller makes updates but does not make an attempt to overshadow the original stalker thrillers. Work cited Linda Hutcheon. “A theory of Adaptation.” New York and London: Routledge (2006). Fear Cape. “Martin Scorsese.” Pref. Robert DeNiro. Juliet Lewis. Universal Pictures (1991).
“What is the Appeal of Adaptations”

“Cape Fear” video

*JOURNAL PROMPT in 2 parts, due November 6* After you read the “What is the Appeal of Adaptations?” section of Hutcheon in the #readings channel (172-77) and watch _Cape Fear_ (instructions for renting available in the #general channel), you can complete the following two part journal entry in one GoogleDoc. Part 1: In a PIE paragraph, summarize what Hutcheon’s main argument is when answering the question “what is the appeal of adaptations?” Make sure you include at least one quotation from Hutcheon to support your summary. Part 2: _Cape Fear_ is considered a classic thriller. How did it connect to other thrillers you’ve seen (if you’ve seen any)? What was your experience as a viewer? Did you find it frightening, or was anything familiar in it, genre-wise? Were any moments suprising?

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