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What effect does birth order have on personality?

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Causes and Effects of Birth Order Position on Personality Birth order is the chronological order that an individual appears in the family position. Alfred Alder was the first psychologist to argue the effect of birth order on personality. The scholar identified different characteristics that are associated with certain birth order positions. Notable the birth order seemingly determines how parents treat their children hence influencing their personal traits. The paper aims at discussing the effects of birth order position on an individual’s personality. Usually a firstborn child has been the center of attention for some time until when they have to share their attention with the second born child or lastborn. Since they are “dethroned” they have to learn how to deal with the birth of a sibling which shapes their lives. As and socialness’. The birth order theory has identified specific traits associated with each child depending on their birth position. The traits each of the child exhibits dependents on the how each of the children is treated by their parents and also the gap between siblings. The theory shows that first-born children are goal oriented and responsible as opposed to youngest siblings. Middle-born children become competitive as they seek to identify their position in the family. Works Cited Gilmore Grace. Understanding Birth Order: A Within-Family Analysis of Birth Order Effects. Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies Vol.3 2016 Accessed 27 March 2108 Gustafson Curtis. The effects of birth order on personality. Unpublished Master Thesis. The Faculty of the Alfred Adler Graduate School Minneapolis 2010 Accessed 27 March 2108 Huggies. Birth Order Theory.N.d Accessed 27 March 2108
It is a cause and effect essay. This assignment is for my English class so please make sure you pay class attention to punctuation.

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