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Whar is the theorical framework and how it is used?

First and Last Name Professor Class TIME @ “MMMM d yyyy” November 8 2017 Theoretical Framework and its use The theoretical framework can be defined as the interrelated concepts that are put together in a theory-like manner but not always necessarily scientifically worked-out (Green 34). It is usually presented at the beginning of dissertations to give the rationale upon which a study will be carried out for investigating a research in question or problem. The term “theoretical framework” has been interchangeably used to mean a conceptual framework that research will follow. In that case it is considered as the frame mode that and generalization made through critical key variables and the examination of their relationships (Green 36). By its application virtue it serves the primary purpose of giving the meaning of the study being conducted its nature of the phenomenon associated gaps and expanding the existing knowledge for the benefits of human beings. Works Cited Grant Cynthia and Osanloo Azadeh. “Understanding selecting and integrating a theoretical framework in dissertation research: Creating the blueprint for your “house”.” Administrative Issues Journal: Connecting Education Practice and Research 4.2 (2016). Green Helen Elise. “Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research.” Nurse Researcher 21.6 (2014): 34-38.
Write an essay of no more than two pages on what is a theoretical framework and how it is used

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