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Violent Crime Scholarly Article Review 2

Violent Crime Professor’s name Course Violent crime (Whether the Availability of Guns Reduces or Increases Crime) Violent crime education is important in the current society in the propagation of crime prevention. The use of guns and other machinery in the society is a major factor that influences crime and injustice. However the use of guns has both its demerits and merits. It is unclear as to whether the use of weapons increases or decreases violent crime in the community. In the event of a criminal event some issues influence the aggressiveness. These include the environment microenvironment of social relationships the macro context of the community the weapons available among other factors (Block 2001). The in survival instances. The demerits of gun ownership include lack of skills in its usage propagation of violence in crime scenes and the risk guns possess at home. It is crystal clear that availability of guns results in increase and decrease of crime violence in a community. It is therefore important to be extra cautious when dealing with guns and prevention of dire consequences of gun ownership. References Block R. (2001). Victim-Offender Dynamics in Violent Crime. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. Cook P. J. (2004). Robbery Violence. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. Pros and Cons of Gun Ownership for Home security. (2017). safes. THE BENEFITS AND DISADVANTAGES OF GUN OWNERSHIP. (2015). DANSECURITY.
The fundamental idea here is that you will choose one of the following three areas of research regarding the “More Guns, Less Crime Thesis” presented in the Learning Module 3 Information and Assignments Page:
1. Research Supporting More Guns, Less Crime Thesis
2. Research Challenging More Guns, Less Crime Thesis
3. Research-It is Not Clear Whether the Availability of Guns Reduces or Increases
It will then be your task to conduct research to find a scholarly peer-reviewed article in an academic journal that presents research directly and specifically focus on that area of research. You will then summarize and analyze that research in a structure article review.
The article reviews must be based on articles appearing in scholarly peer-reviewed academic journals. Within this learning module you will find a link to A Violent Crime Scholarly Article Review Research Guide
This guide contains a discussion and links to resources on how to find and identify scholarly peer-reviewed academic journals article. You should review the content of this guide before beginning this assignment.
Newspapers, magazines, newsletters, Wikipedia, books, or book chapters etc. do not qualify, whether they are in print or on-line. You cannot use any scholarly peer-reviewed articles that are readings in this course.
The article reviews must meet the following criteria:
§ These must be reviews of articles appearing in a scholarly peer-reviewed academic journals.
§ The articles you select for review cannot be published before 2000.
§ The articles must be based on empirical research conducted by the authors.
The article reviews are due on the dates indicated in the syllabus. Late article reviews will receive a “0”.
The length of the article review will depend on the article you choose. The review must contain the following elements. You must use these heading for each sections of your article review. Not doing so will significantly reduce your score.

1. The accurate bibliographic reference to the article in the American Psychological Association (APA) Reference Format.
2. The violent crime concept, theory, or idea contained in this learning module’s reading(s) that this article addresses. The article you select must specifically and directly address the concept theory or idea you describe here.
3. The main violent crime issue, idea, thesis, research hypothesis, or research question stated
by the author(s).
4. The definition of any terms the author uses.
5. The research method used or the important facts the author(s) uses to support the idea,
thesis, hypothesis, or research question.
6. Conclusion(s) the author(s) reach.
7. Your analysis of the article, including any examples of bias or faulty reasoning on the part
of the author(s). In this section, you should concentrate on applying the ideas and concepts you identified in Item 2 above, which provide a framework for analyzing the violent crime issue.
In this Learning Module, I have provided a Microsoft Word template of this format that you MUST USE for this assignment.

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