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Unit 3 DB: Possible Chart Types

Possible Chart Types Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Possible Chart Types Microsoft Excel is an important tool that facilities management functions since it allows one to formulate charts that come in handy in decision making. Mt future career of running an organization tasked with the responsibility of adding value to youths through undertaking different projects in the data for planning of the different activities. The estimates on how the incomes are attained and projections on how to earn substantive revenues will depend on the ability to feed the information through visual representations on the charts. References Poatsy M. A. Mulbery K. Davidson J. & Grauer R. (2016). Exploring Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Comprehensive. Pearson.
Based upon your current position or your future career, what are some of the possible types of charts that you may have to create using Excel?

Give specific examples of situations using three chart types that would be appropriate.

What information do you think your charts would include?

Exploring Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Comprehensive
Mary Anne Poatsy; Keith Mulbery; Jason Davidson; Robert T. Grauer

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