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Understanding Buying Team Structure and Function

BUSINESS Name: Course: Institution: Tutor: Date: Introduction In a market segment different players take part in facilitating and influencing the transactions. The involvement of all these players in the market brings an impact towards attaining their main objective. Buying team is one of the participants who represent an individual who chooses and selects what items will get stocked in an entity or market. Also influencers are another section of people whose main work or designated profile allows to have a control or impact on the buyers and deciders. Simply they influence on what ought to be bought or whether to buy it buyer persona in the activity. Expensive: The aim of every business is to low down its cost and maximize on returns. However the induction of the buyer persona in the program means the business to dig deeper in those returns to hire the person. The use of these people incurs extra expense given the existence of the sakes people within the organization. References Ohlmann Hillary. “Top 10 Biggest Procurement Challenges [Infographic].” DeltaBid Blog: News & Procurement Management Tips Chander Raj. “Content Marketing Blog – News Tips and Strategies for Serious Content Marketers.” 5 Benefits Of Buyer Personas For Your Business
Many large organizations use a buying center or team in purchasing decisions, such that no one person or department awards contracts or signs purchase orders.
Your job this week is to understand the roles and responsibilities of buying team members. In a 2 page paper, describe the various “influencer” types and explain the benefits and challenges of working with a buying team.

Your paper should follow APA Guidelines and be concise, professional, and demonstrate knowledge of the concepts presented in this module and readings.

Use 2 scholarly resources.

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