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Trend Analysis

Student Name Institutional Affiliations Course Date Apple Corporation Objective The company employment of technology in areas of management as well as sales and marketing was stipulated in the company investment and planning portfolio for start of the 2017 last quarter of the financial year forms the company large percentage of its future plans. The company plans to make an average substantive increase in its growth rate in business by 6% on every financial year for the next decade .The company is also focused on making an increment on its revenue through extensions of its services to uncharted frontier. The areas that are earmarked by the company include the Middle East and the Sub-Saharan Africa and India. In this regard Apple Company wants to increase on its market coverage and increase on the sales revenue by a consistent 8% averaging for every quarter of the subsequent fiscal years starting from only used as a reagent in the experiment. Conclusion Apple Company trend analysis reveal the company is set to make substantial progress towards improving performance in matters of revenue collection and increase in the market share. The company financial data on analysis reveal that a positive increase in the capital share prompting a substantial growth in the market share. References Atzori R. Shapoval V. & Murphy K. S. (2018). Measuring Generation Y consumers’ perceptions of green practices at Starbucks: An IPA analysis. Journal of Foodservice Business Research  21(1) 1-21. Chowdhury M. E. (2016). Textbook To Reality: Using Corporate Earnings Reports As An Effective Teaching Tool For A Business Capstone Course. American Journal of Business Education (Online)  9(4) 147.Gerhardt S. Hazen S. & Joiner S. (2017). An Overview Analysis Of Expected Potential Returns From Selected Tex-Mex Franchises. Asbbs Proceedings  24(1) 229.Grant R. M. (2016). Contemporary strategy analysis: Text and cases edition. John Wiley & Sons.
Obtain financial statements for your chosen company and perform trend analysis. Explain in detail the results of your analysis.

The section of this paper will be 2,000 words, APA formatted, and include 3-5 references. Students will use 3-5 sources for the project. Only one of these sources can be a company website. Do not reference wikis,, or other search engines that answer the question for you. Do not include your references in the required length word-count. A discussion of your greatest challenge to complete this project. Remember to include the title page, headings, and conclusion. Please follow up with the same apple company and follow the steps. Thank you.

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