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This I believe

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date This I Believe I believe that one’s development is intimately tied to the environment that they are a part. Our environment includes our background family society and personal interactions that we engage in on a daily basis. I believe that the conditions that I lived informed my belief and values. My father was a cad freelance cad drafter. I used to watch him undertake the tasks that he did effortlessly and flawlessly. Being a toddler with no understanding of cad drawings I could not understand why my father’s designs were made up of straight lines while my drawings on the notice-board where people had developed the culture of gathering to view my drawings and creativity. I felt inspired to pursue my interest and passion further to utilize my imagination and creativity. I enrolled in a cad class to enable me transition from the pencil drawing assignments to professional drawings. I believe that my choice to study cad originated from my exposure to my father’s cad drawings that subsequently informed my choice of toys. The toys my father and school served as the environment that informed my passion and interest while giving me the opportunity to pursue my passion.
so I have drafted a copy of my assignment already but I have got a comment from my professor to revise the essay and make it more explicit and a correction at a lot of places. Please see the attached my draft copy and professor comment file I have attached

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