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The Space Electronics Corporation

The Space Electronics Corporation First Name Last Name Institution Micro and macro levels Organizations in most cases are categorized as societies to have both micro and macro settings. Within the micro setting the organizations are analyzed based on their individual social setting which may also be referred to as the local level. They are analyzed based on these social settings or the small groups that they operate in and in this case the Space Electronics Case study the micro level analysis of the organization can be evaluated on the social context which is its internal setting. On the other hand the macro level is more focused on the external environment and deals with a much larger setting as compared to the micro levels. (Case Study nd). Therefore based on this understanding the analysis of the Space Electronic Case Study was as follows. Macro Level Within the macro level the the problem is done in that there will be a full report on the micro and macro level problems. Additionally the problem-solving steps can be taken in this case to ensure that the necessary actions are taken and the problems are resolved. Other recommendations include the adoption of the Management by Objective approach in resolving the management problem as it will ensure that the management is focused and set towards a particular goal and not always being indecisive aspects (Bucklin et al. 2000). The recommendations will be focused on improving the organization based on the problems that were identified and this will be made possible as they are implemented over time. Reference Bucklin B. R. Alvero A. M. Dickinson A. M. Austin J. & Jackson A. K. (2000). Industrial-organizational psychology and organizational behavior management: An objective comparison. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management  20(2) 27-75. Case Study. (n.d). The Space Electronics
For this Case Study Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources, including the case study “The Space Electronics Corporation” in Chapter 15 of the course text. Keep in mind the concepts of transformational change, strategic change management, and the organization’s technical, political, and cultural systems.
Submit by Day 7 a 3- to 4-page report addressing the following:
Compare the problems in the case study at the macro and micro levels. Use the Learning Resources as a guide.
Analyze the causes of the problems. Refer to the specific systems that are, or will be, affected by these problems.
Determine alternatives for solving the problems you identify.
Provide recommendations for solving the systems-related problems.
Justify your solutions with specific references and examples found in the Learning Resources or in your own experiences.
Note: Include the completed “The Space Electronics Corporation Case Analysis Form” in your submission.

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