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The role of magistrates in the cl field, explain the pros and cons of unqualified people trying cases

Author’s Name Tutor’s Name Module Title Role of a Magistrate Magistrates tend to handle criminal cases that are minor in nature. This include traffic offences and minor assaults. There is also a likelihood to have magistrates that work for the general public without expecting any payment in return of their services (Anthony 2015). They are termed as being volunteer magistrates. A magistrate can also operate as an examining justice whereby they examine facts that are known in regard to critical criminal affairs and thereafter see to it that the accused or suspect is sent to a higher court or not (James 2003). A magistrates’ court in some instances can be described as being a small claims court which primarily handles matters relating to landlord-tenant disputes on breach of their contract or driver who defaults to compensate another for a damage that he caused (Faulkner 2012). They can not only decision on their own. Their advantages as stated above comprises of the fact that they are cost effective since they are working for free (Rouse 2013). The disadvantage that comes with it is on the inadequacy of the compensation which tends to discourage the lay magistrates from making applications to become magistrates. Lastly they don’t get resources for the time utilized at work which makes a lay magistrate’s work be termed as being daunting (Mc MUNN 2010). As a result this decisions would be made in a hurry hence inconsistent. Works Cited Anthony Edwards. Blackstone’s Magistrates’ Court Handbook. Oxford Publishers. 2015. Faulkner David. The Magistracy at the Crossroads. Waterside press Ltd. 2012. James Welsh. Advocacy in the Magistrates’ Court. Cavendish Publishers. 2003. Mc MUNN Richard. How 2 Become a Magistrate: The Insider’s Guide. How 2 Become Ltd 2010. Rouse Ann. Wildy’s Handbook for Magistrates. Wildy Simmonds and Hil. 2013.
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