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The metaphysical fate in Queen of Spade and the materialist determinism fate in Notes from Under. and The Duel

Name Professor Course 12/4/17 Introduction Metaphysics is a word that has had a wide range of definitions based on the stance that different philosopher and scholars use. Ideally this word evolves from the time of Einstein’s and Isaac Newton. The word is coined from a meta-language and metaphilosophical idea that holds on to its origin and existence. Therefore metaphysics is the study that is beyond science. In this research paper we will be focusing on the deep distinction of metaphysical fate that is found in Pushkin’s short story The Queen of Spades and the materialistic fate that is identified in the Chekhov’s The Duel and Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground. The paper will radically distinct from the metaphysical fates we meet in Pushkin’s Queen of Spades and the materialist “fate” in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground and Chekhov’s The Duel. The research paper will be radically discussing the differences in the one instead of staking using an ace he confuses it with the queen of spades. That way he loses everything as well as control over his life. He never marries Lizavyeta too. Ideally the events that all take place here are metaphysical fates as Hermann is not able to control any. Works Cited Bartig Kevin. “The Queen of Spades the 1937 Pushkin Jubilee and Repatriation.” Composing for the Red Screen  2013 pp. 36-57. “Chekhov as Director.” Michael Chekhov pp. 81-112. Chekhov A. T. and C. Garnett. “The Duel and Other Stories.” Gutenberg  2004 Dostoyevsky F. “The Project Gutenberg E-text of Notes from the Underground by Feodor Dostoevsky.” Gutenberg  1996 Accessed 4 Dec. 2017. Johae Antony. “Clearing Away Philosophical Clutter in Notes from Underground.” The Dostoevsky Journal vol. 12 no. 1  2012 pp. 97-108. Pushkin Alexander et al. The Queen of Spades and Other Stories. Alma Books  2017. Terras Victor et al. “Pushkin’s “The Queen of Spades”.” Russian Review vol. 54 no. 3  1995 p. 453.
The research paper needs to engage with 2scholarly sources. It should be 1 page long, double space and engages directly with the texts mentioned.
the radical distinction between the metaphysical fate we meet in Pushkin’s Queen of Spades and the materialist “fate” (as materialist determinism) in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground and Chekhov’s The Duel

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