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The Mehrabian model and his theory

The Mehrabian Model and his Theory Name Institution The Mehrabian Model and his Theory The Mehrabian model and theory was designed by Professor Mehrabian as a result of the beliefs he held concerning communication. In a face to face communication he had the conviction that there are three core elements; the emotions and attitudes of a person the non-verbal behavior such as facial expressions and the tone used in communication. These same factors according to him are also what contributes to either liking or disliking a person and he proved this through his 7-38-55 percent experiment on and the effectiveness of the body language. He also mentions that these quantifications placed by the 7-38-55 percent formula are not persuasive in some contexts. To ensure effectiveness such a formula is to be used in contexts of public speaking or presentations or in contexts where the speaker needs to persuade the listeners. References Bianchi-Berthouze N. Cairns P. Cox A. Jennett C. & Kim W W. (2006 September). On posture as modality for expressing and recognizing emotions. In Emotion and HCI workshop at BCS HCI London. Hall L. M. (2013). Words Really Do Matter. Acuity 4 34-42
Write a summary that explains the Mehrabian model and his theory, including the Mehrabian formula (7%, 38%, 55%) express your personal opinion regarding Mehrabian’s Communication Model, demonstrating valid support for your point of view. APA style, include bibliographic citations and references

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