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The Imporatance of cash management to a small company success

Importance of Cash Management in Small Business Company success Name: Professor Institution: Course Date Small business or organisation has the most significant task in managing and operating activities within the industry on the day to day life. Comparing small business unit and the substantial operating business always give an excellent example of how successful large firms have than the tiny premises. The idea here comes out with the reason of comparing the management of the two promise with the different amount invested during the start. Management of cash by the sole proprietors should be the first and crucial thing that every person having the business should consider. Most of the sole proprietors in the entire world seem not to put considerable considerations of the money gained from their businesses. Sole proprietors should consider the fact that they are far much away from competing with other biger business structures like that hinders operation. In this perspective cash managed by using the cash budget analysis so that the business will know how to spend some money available so that any error will not occur. Payment also can be managed by reducing the money in the balance sheet like the accounts receivable; it should have the list money because credit in the business will always lead to bankruptcy in the small business. Again professional expertise in the sole proprietorships has also been established to be of significant concern to the world related sole proprietorships. Reference Karadag H. (2015). Financial management challenges in small and medium-sized enterprises: A strategic management approach. Emerging Markets Journal  5(1) 26. Prasad M. (2017). Cash Management Practices of Small Business Owners: A Study in Urban Area of Siliguri Subdivision. ITIHAS-The Journal of Indian Management  7(1). Mariotti S. & Glackin C. (2014). Entrepreneurship and small business management. Pearson Higher Ed. .
3 page essay about the importance of cash management to a small company success. APA style (6th edition) Must include bibliographic citations and references

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