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The difference between open-minded and closed minded people

Student’s Name: Tutor: Course and Code: Date submitted: Difference between a close-minded and an open-minded person. Open-mindedness is an ability to accommodate new ideas and to incorporate new skills and knowledge in order to accommodate new different values and knowledge that can be recognized at different societies and communities. On the other hand close mindedness is an act of unwillingly accommodating new skills and ideas that always leads to ambiguity and contradiction in the current world of belief and less tolerance. In this article we are going to focus on the close-mindedness of my brother who later turns out to be an open-minded person and this change is due to cognitive inconsistency. Closed-mindedness which is commonly referred to us narrow-mindedness focuses more on scientific relativism and this is related to very negative connotation and both open-mindedness and close-mindedness depends on the adaptability towards a specific to the society in order to allow a day to day activities to take place. This is because their ideologies differ by and they always target a positive aim unanimously. Apart from the above-mentioned differences both closed and open-minded individuals also differ in intelligence humility and choosing between right and wrong. In my brother’s case choosing to be open minded is the best decision because it exposes him to new challenges. Ideas knowledge skills and innovations which will help to prosper his life. Works Cited “6 Ways Narrow-Minded People Differ From Open-Minded Ones”. Learning Mind 2018 Accessed 19 Mar 2018. Coates Joseph F. “What Do The Tender-Minded Have To Teach The Tough-Minded?”. Technological Forecasting And Social Change vol 113 2016 pp. 54-56. Elsevier BV doi:10.1016 Wagner J A. “Open-Minded To Open Innovation And Precompetitive Collaboration”. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics vol 87 no. 5 2010 pp. 511-515. Springer Nature doi:10.1038/clpt.2010.39.
I want a cause and effect essay about my brother who was a closed minded person and stubborn but end up being an open minded person in the end. academic writing and please do not make it look too professional writting

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