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The Abrahamitic covenant

Name Tutor Course Date Religion A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties. It can either be conditional or unconditional. A conditional is a covenant that is binding and therefore everyone among the parties has to do something to make the covenant a success. On the other hand an unconditional covenant is one that only one party has to do something and the others are dependent on the party that is responsible for the covenant. Therefore the Abrahamic covenant is an unconditional covenant that God made with Abraham. The covenant is found partly in the book of (Genesis. 15:18-21) where it describes the land and descendants that Abraham was promised. We find the actual covenant in (Genesis. 12:1-3) and this describe the unconditional nature of the covenant. A number of writers have expressed their view on how important the Abrahamic covenant was. John F.Walvoord writes ”It is In conclusion it is evident that the Abrahamatic covenant was a permanent covenant between God and the people of Israel and when God said he was going to save the remnant He referred to the abrahamatic covenant not the mosaic. The mosaic covenant doesn’t have mercy for anyone who violates it (Malachi. 3:5) Work cited Ronald Youngblood “The Abrahamic Covenant: Conditional or Unconditional?” The Living and Active Word of God: Studies in Honor of Samuel J. Schultz ed. by Morris Inch and Ronald Youngblood (Winona Lake Ind.: Eisenbrauns 1983) 31-46. John Murray The Covenant of Grace (London: Tyndale 1954) 4. John F. Walvoord The Millennial Kingdom (Grand Rapids: Dunham 1959) Jeffrey L.Townsend “Fulfillment of the Land Promise in the Old Testament ” BSac 142 (1985):320-37. Hamilton The Book of Genesis: Chapters 1–17 372-7 3; Wenham Genesis 1–15 275- Leithart Peter J. “what is the bible for?” First Things 18-05-2012
please describe the significance
of the exodus in relationship to the covenant God made with Abr
aham. Additionally, explain how the
Mosaic covenant compliments the Abrahamitic covenant.

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