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Technology Assignment

Budget Tracking Software (Name of Author) (Institutional Affiliation) Budget Tracking Software The first few years are crucial to every business because they determine both the long-term and short-term success of the business. The period comprises a number challenges the business must overcome and cope up with to avoid any similar eventuality in the future. During this period and maybe throughout the entire life of business there are challenges and the most difficult challenge is cash flow problems and the mismanagement of finances which turn out to be significant failures for businesses. Problems of management of cash flow and finances come in a number of ways; for instance some companies fail to have a proper plan in regards to using finances some set their goals either too high or too low while others literally fail to keep track of how they use money and finally some fail to follow up platforms such as e-mail among others. Once a client shows interest in purchasing their product transactions are made through various platforms such as the visa cards PayPal among others and after that a link that gives access to the software is sent plus a guideline on how to use it. The company also ensures the users get an appropriate guide to using the software by providing a detailed tutorial alongside attached manuals. There is also a provision for any question in regards to its operation. References (2018). Log In – Clarizen. [online] Available at: Ferreira M. and Tereso A. (2018). Software Tools for Project Management – Focus on Collaborative Management. [online] Available at: B. Jimenez J. & Martín M. J (2018). An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model for the E-Repurchasing of Sports Match Tickets. [online] Available at: Duffy & Juan Martinez (2018). Clarizen. [online] Available at: 2817 2487302 00.asp
(This assignment has 2 portions , the portion you will do is the report part but keep in mind that I am targeting to my classmates for the second portion. Majority are wanting to start-up a business and this assignments purpose is to show them 3 examples of a tech tool I found on internet that are popular and anyone can access in Canada/Ontario that can help and I choose 1 of them to explain and promote for small businesses) Its in the area of Managing money and budgeting . If you follow the template i have attached it explains itself.

Area of Business Operation Target : Managing Money / Budgeting Tracking/

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