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Teaching experience

First Name Last Name Instructor Course 28 December 2017 Teaching Experience It was unexpected; I could feel myself breathing heavily as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Without wasting any time looking at who the caller was I picked it and the voice which was soft and feminine said “Mr. Sunnuma please I am speaking from Peniel Academy. You have been offered a job as the junior high school integrated science teacher. We would like you to report to work Monday God willing.” Hearing this was a great thing for me and as such I expressed my gratitude and jumped so high with joy that I nearly lost my arm to the whirling fan. Nothing seemed to be might not go as planned but the planning at least gave me something to fall back on. Planning helped me to make time out of my very busy schedule for soccer training sessions. I might have won the best teacher award at the end of the academic year for adequately preparing my students for all to get aggregate 1 in science in their Basic Education Certificate exam; it is the least of the experiences I had in the school. In conclusion maybe teaching for me was a juggling act which can be compared to being a stand-up comedian in front of a difficult crowd but nevertheless in a short period it was a fantastic learning experience and source of knowledge.
Edit the attached essay making it more interesting this time. It is the common app essay prompt 5 and should answer the questions accomplishments and realization. Plea make it perfect

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