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Synthesis Paper

Student’s Name Professor: Course: Date: Chapter 26: What is Ideal Society? The chapter uses several stories essays and poems to explain the concept of ideal society. According to the Authors a perfect society is a peaceful society characterized by unity of people harmony and everything that happens in that community is for the greater good of all people. Although it is hard to find such a society various authors tend to describe how individuals should live for the goodwill of all individuals. Utopia society is a community that had admirable features. The society had perfect social and political orders. Thomas More brought out the picture of the utopia society describing the grounds upon which the community can prevail. Equality was his first base of an ideal society. Equality is where all the individuals in the society are equal and nothing or no one is better than the other (Barnet as a nation where leadership is in harmony with its citizens. According to Thomas respect equality and justice are the primary aspects of an ideal society. To sum up the concept of an ideal society is a topic of discussion by many scholars. Different authors and society analysts have common outstanding features of a perfect society. The main distinct aspects of an ideal society are justices/fairness equality and respect. In a perfect society the above features should be evident with all individuals being treated fairly equally and with justices. Respect for each other seems to be the driving force of the society as it enhances unity and harmony. Although the reality of ideal society concept is hard to implement every society should aim at applying the idea to their level best. Works Cited Barnet Sylvan and Hugo Adam Bedau. From critical thinking to argument: A portable guide. Bedford/St. Martin’s 2011.
Final Synthesis Paper
Choose one of the Enduring Questions Chapters (26,27,28). Read the whole chapter, then choose four essays, stories or poems in the chapter. Use these four sources to write about the chapter’s enduring question. Bring the four sources together in a 1000+ word essay with correct MLA documentation. At least 3 of the four sources must be used twice

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