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Sustainability Speaker Series

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Due Date Sustainability Matric Applied to Risk Tolerance One of the key points discussed in the interview is the importance of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) metrics in the valuation of the investment strategies that have been employed by different corporations. The ESG metrics are useful in conducting due diligence in the process of determining the strategy to be employed in a portfolio irrespective of the magnitude of risk involved. Incorporation of the environmental factors social concerning the two points it is difficult for the stakeholders to determine when to invest or divest. ESG encourages investment in risky business even though there is lack of alignment with the fundamental objective of a business organization whereas sustainability is encouraged when the business engages in activities that are contrary to the objectivity of the company. The ESG is the way through which the United States will be able to realize profitability through investment in risky business as discussed in the interview.
Here is the link that you will need to watch for the assignment. Once you have watched the presentation then you will need to write a 2 page paper and explain what you learned and what were the key points in the talk.

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