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Supportive Academic Environment

Creating a supportive academic environment Name Course University Creating a supportive academic environment One crucial aspect of any grade level of education is having a supportive academic climate in a classroom. This is not always directly solely on the students; you want to have healthy relationships with teachers families and a relationship with the community as well. Everyone wants to feel cared for and valued by the people they look up to in life. Similarly learners want to feel valued and cared for by their classroom teacher who wields a great deal of power for literary controlling their destiny for much of the time of the week. Students then reciprocate with their willingness to comply with their teacher’s wishes (Willis 2008). To effectively create a positive and supportive learning environment the teacher should show appreciation to the community and families understand the students’ cultural backgrounds respect and embrace diversity feel valued and cared for they become engaged and actively participate in classroom activities. As they work cooperatively with others any negative notions fade away on realizing that everyone is unique with unique capabilities. Teachers have to self-reflect and examine the influence of their backgrounds on teaching and cross-classroom sharing would help them exchange experiences that help in decision-making that would result in the creation of responsive and supportive classroom environment. References Boynton M. & Boynton C. (2005). The educator’s guide to preventing and solving discipline problems. Alexandria: ASCD. DO-IT. (2012). Academic Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities. Washington: University of Washington. Killion J. (2010). Create a supportive environment for all. Teachers Teaching Teachers. Maryland. (2012). The Five-Step Process for Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Retrieved 2 March 2018 from Picard D. (2010). Teaching Students with Disabilities. Vanderbilt University. Retrieved 2 March 2018 from Willis J. (2008). Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Inclusion Classroom. ASCD.
Write a three page essay describing what you would do to create a supportive academic climate in your classroom describing what you would do to ensure success for ALL your students. Include the steps you would take to alter instruction and modify assignments for students with learning differences and disabilities.

Attached is a page and a half already written – but need heavy editing and format. Totalling 4-5 pages

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