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Support Group Paper

Narcotic Anonymous (NA) Support Group Students Name Institution Affiliation Narcotic Anonymous (NA) Support Group Introduction to Narcotic Anonymous (NA) Support Group Life is an unending series of the struggle for education bills jobs and increasing addiction. Today’s society seems hard to those individuals that face addiction however the society is open to those that need assistance. To offer assistance to those individuals struggling with addiction numerous therapies and support groups have been developed. Forsyth (2015) argues that some support groups are created to allow members to come together and share their common concerns including divorce disability drugs and weight problems. Many support groups have been developed to battle addiction including the Narcotic Anonymous (NA) Support Group. This is the group that I attended the sessions. The group size of participants for every meeting is 10 though since NA support groups are absolutely voluntary the number of participants does not real life. The session helped me realize that narcotic addiction is a disease that has penetrated the society and along with it it and has swept more people. To offer assistance to those individuals struggling with addiction support groups such as Narcotic Anonymous has been created. NA support group is non-religious but with programs like 12-steps sociometric and integration and sponsors a way to recovery and abstinence are encouraged. References. Forsyth D. R. (2015). Group dynamics (6th ed.). Belmont CA: Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN: 9781133956532. Jacobs E. E. Schimmel C. J. Masson R. L. & Harvill R. L. (2016). Group counseling: Strategies and skills (8th ed.). Belmont CA: Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 9781305087309. Mathiasch J. (2017 July 23). 12 Different Types of Leadership Styles. Retrieved from Paddock C. (July 3 2017). How to give up narcotics: 10 tips. (3). Retrieved from S. T. (2016). Groups: A Counseling Specialty pp. 4-87
You are required to have the books for this course and it is due this Saturday

After attending the support/self-help group meetings, you will describe your observations of group member and leader behaviors, group dynamics, content, and processes. You will reflect on how your experiences with the group compares to best practices and principles for group counseling and support groups that you have learned about in this course. Integrate relevant ideas from all required course texts and 2 additional scholarly research articles about group counseling in your analysis. Your paper must demonstrate critical thinking and personal application.
The paper must be 7–8 pages or 2,500 words (a 10% deviation in either direction is acceptable), not counting the title page, abstract, and reference page. Although you may use first person in this paper, remember it must be in current APA format and include a title page, running head, abstract, and a reference page. Your paper must be well written, well organized, and free of grammar, spelling, or other writing errors.
After the main heading (paper title) on page 2, begin with an introductory paragraph in which you identify the group you attended and the number of participants at each meeting. Then, address the following topics using the subheadings as follows:
Content and Process
Give a concise description of the topic or theme of the meetings you attended and how the topic was presented/incorporated. Discuss the appropriateness of the content and the relative effectiveness of how it was processed. Include specific details and examples as needed. Provide specific examples from the meetings, but do not disclose confidential information about group members in such a way that they can be identified.
Group Dynamics and Participants
Describe the atmosphere and dynamics of the group, what developmental stage it was in, level of participation, and how you think members benefitted from this group. (You may find chapter 16 of the Forsyth text helpful for this section.)
Leadership Behaviors
Describe the leadership styles and skills that were used and discuss to what extent and in what ways you think they were appropriate and effective. Describe specific challenges you observed and how the leader(s) handled them.
Application and Conclusion
Reflect on your learning and the most significant takeaways from this experience. If you were leading this group, what would you do differently? How did the meetings promote or contradict a biblical view of persons? Were ethical guidelines for group counseling adhered to or violated? End your paper with a concluding thought.

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