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Supervisory Skills Week One

Case 1-1 Student Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor Date Would X be someone whom you would consider as a viable potential candidate for the hospital administrator position despite his limited technical expertise? _Yes _No Why? Yes I would consider X as a viable potential candidate for the hospital administrator position. An administrator is in charge of administering affairs such as managing directing dispensing or executing a certain task. To be an effective administrator one should have the following skills technical skills human skills and conceptual skills. Technical skills allow an administrator to be proficient in a certain activity especially those that involve processes and procedures. An administrator with technical skills knows a particular area and can analyze it (Katz 1974). X is good at managing in the field. It would be reasonable to argue that his inexperience in the health sector would also prevent him from becoming an effective administrator but he can receive basic training and he can also hire supervisors in the various departments in the hospital to assist him in managing it. As a result his responsibilities are reduced to those of overseeing. This argument however cannot apply in the second case for the same reason mentioned above he has no technical skills in the field and basic training is not enough. References Katz R.L. (1974). Skills of an Effective Administrator. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from L.D. (1994). The Good Supervisor. ERIC Digest. ERIC/CASS School of Education University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro NC 27412.
Your assignment # 1 relates to chapter 1 Case 1-1 Coach X: Effective Hospital Administrator? by Mosley, Pietri, Mosley, designed to reinforce the learning objectives of the course, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.
Your case analysis will require for you to complete the readings for Chapter 1 “Supervisory Management Roles and Challenges”, and Case 1-1 from the textbook.
* Answer Case 1-1 questions from the textbook.
* Your answers must be written in a short essay format APA Style of Writing, no less than half (150 words) to a full page (300 words) per answer in written content.
With multiple academic resources and citations to support the content of the case study

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