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Super Size Me Up Critique

First Name Last Name Instructor Course 1st February 2018 Super Size Me film Super-size me is a documentary that was filmed with the aim of showing how changing from a healthy and vegetable-based diet to extreme fast foods that have the possibility of destroying life. This documentary was starred and directed by Morgan Spurlock who indulged in eating all the scrumptious foods that McDonald’s was offering. The rules that he would try the various items on the menu and would always accept the ‘super-size it’ offer and was not supposed to supersize unless he had been asked that (Spurlock). Within a short duration Spurlock gained a significant amount of weight such that his unhealthy diet was affecting his health so the doctor asked him to cut the habit or face the risk of permanent damage. After the experiment it took Spurlock fourteen months to lose the weight that he has gone through it. This film led to McDonald’s making some changes to the food menu. First the restaurant chain canceled its super-size policy which they denied to have been motivated by the movie. They further revamped their ‘healthy options making them more convincing and significantly attractive. They also put out ads to congratulate Spurlock for his funny and entertaining film which could have possibly been done unwillingly. While it is an informative film a documentary that had less focus on McDonald’s more balanced information and less dramatic would be great. Work cited Spurlock M. “Super Size Me (documentary film).” (2004). Pompper Donnalyn and Layla Higgins. “Corporation-bashing in documentary film: A case study of news media coverage organizational response.” Public Relations Review 33.4 (2007): 429-432. Nisbet Matthew C. and Patricia Aufderheide. “Documentary film: Towards a research agenda on forms functions and impacts.” Mass Communication and Society 12.4 (2009): 450-456.
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