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Summary and Narrative Response Paper

Professor Course Name Institution Date School is bad for children Summary “School is bad for children” is an article written by John Holt. The article answers the question why the school is bad for children (Holt 112). In summary this article describes how children enjoys their first day when joining the school and what experiences do they get during their general time in school. John Holt describes how the children become smarter more curious and less afraid of what they do not know whenever they are joining schools for the first time. Most of the children are much attentive resourceful persistent and independent on what they do when in schools. The behavior of a child depends on what the teacher teaches him and what type of interactions he gets involved in during his time in school. The main point of this article focuses on this children to engage in unlawful behaviors which ruin their career. The school has become a center of turning children’s into graduates failures it is there for the role of all stakeholders to get good solution that can be used to help children prosper in their by life by paying attention to their set goals and objectives. As John Holt explains in his article (school is bad for children) the students are taught a lot of things at school which some are worthless towards their career (Holt 116). This makes school fail in delivering what the children want. We should allow children to get a job with our help so that it can make sense to them instead of taking them to school which fails to full their objectives toward children. Work cited Holt John. “School is bad for children.” Saturday Evening Post 8 (1969): 112-116.
I will provide the links to the essays once youve chosen the essay of your choice from the list.
1.“School is Bad for Children”
2. “The Graduates”
3. “The Lonely, Good Company of Books

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