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Summarizing and critiquing argumentative essay

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Analysis of the Short Story “Saturday Afternoon” Have you ever been stereotyped or punished because your skin color was not the ‘right’ one? Do you know someone who has? In some states of our nation our brothers and sisters walk around every day afraid of being looked at. But why is this the case? Is it because of blatant racial prejudice? Or is it just a matter of indifference that is rooted in some of our cultures? In the story Saturday Afternoon Erskine Caldwell uses literary devices of imagery repetition and a theme of indifference and racism to show that racism can teach the society to be ‘okay with’ acts of violence against specific members of the community. A summary of the story Caldwell’s story is about an elderly African-American man who was killed in a white-dominated town because he allegedly spoke to a white neck.” Repetition becomes evident when the action in his story begins in the butcher shop moves to the creek and finally returns to the shop. Moreover some words have been restated in the story to highlight specific points. Jim’s egg-shaped belly has been reiterated to emphasize on his inability to work around the meat block. To conclude Erskine Caldwell has applied literary devices in the verse “Saturday Afternoon” to address indifference and racial bias issues so controversial and hardly tackled in our nation. References Caldwell Erskine. “Saturday Afternoon.” A Momentary Stay. New York: Harper (1972): “Characters Of Saturday Afternoon By Erskine Caldwell”. Studienet.Dk 2018 Accessed 16 Mar 2018. 345-351. Silverman Al. The time of their lives: the golden age of great American book publishers their editors and authors. Open Road Media 2016. “Themes And Message Of Saturday Afternoon By Erskine Caldwell”. Studienet.Dk 2018 Accessed 16 Mar 2018.

A summary and critique is putting into our own words what another text says and articulating our own thoughts in response. In this assignment, you will be summarizing and critiquing an argumentative essay for the sake of evaluating the composition and content of the writing, judging the overall effectiveness of the persuasion based on principles of logic and rhetoric.


Exercise analytical and evaluative skills on an essay aimed at a particular purpose
Apply knowledge of logical and rhetorical analysis and evaluation as a critic
Tasks, Points, & Due Dates:

Read sections in textbook on response, quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing
View presentation on Summary and Evaluation
Read The Penalty of Death by H.L. Mencken
Construct an outline organizing your summary and evaluation
Use outline to compose the Summary/Critique essay and submit to Canvas by March 25th
Page Count Minimum: 3 pages minimum

Format: MLA Format, 12 Point Font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced

Source Requirements: One source (the text being summarized/critiqued)

Essay need to be finished by Sunday 04/18/18 by 3:00 pm Central Time

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