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Strategy Assignment

TELENOR Student’s Name Course Professor’s Name University City (State) Date Telenor Part 1: PESTLE Analysis Political Analysis In Pakistan Telenor operates in an environment characterized by political instability and high levels of political risks. In this environment the government dictates pricing regulations and this has in the recent past affected the operations of various firms in the telecommunication industry. Notably the government of Pakistan has been at the forefront of influencing the smooth operations of the telecommunication firms through its various policies (IBP Inc. 2015 pg. 87). With the core objective of ensuring the efficient operation of the telecommunication companies the government of Pakistan established the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Apart from the risks of martial law Telenor is likely to face the risk of terrorism while operating in Pakistan. Overall the political risks and instability in Pakistan have made Telenor and other communication firms to experience a variety of how it could align them to gain a competitive advantage in Pakistan’s telecommunication industry. Notably the analysis was pivotal in allowing me to understand Telenor’s competitive weaknesses as well as advantages. Based on the VRIO analysis I realized that the rarity or the lack of imitability of a firm’s resources tend to be essential in enabling an organization to have a competitive advantage over its rivals. The last part of the research study was essential as it made me gain an insight into Telenor’s business level and functional strategies. Besides I learned that market segmentation is a strategy that firms use to provide goods and services that address the needs of a particular group of individuals. In conclusion I can say that the course has been instrumental in enabling me to learn about firm’s external and internal environment and how they impact companies’ competitiveness and survival in the market.
Following analysis are required for Telenor, a telecom company
1. PESTEL Analysis (2 pages)
2. Porter 5 forces (2 pages)
3. Internal analysis: Resources, Capabilities and Competencies, VRIO Analysis (2 pages)
4. Market Segmentation, Business level strategy, Industry Environment in which it operates and also its Functional Level Strategy (2 pages)
5. Summary of 500 words (summarising above 1-4 tasks)

Please note: Harvard Referencing needed with bibliography separately for task 1-4

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