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Strategic Management

Strategic Management Name: Professor: Course Name: Capstone Component 1: Executive summary Progress of the Company This is a company that strives to produce affordable products with attractive prices for customers. We utilize the broad cost leader concept in our operations. The company is huge and has various business practices and products. However we are focused on ensuring that we develop cheaper products as a move of creating more profit. The first year of our operations indicates that the company made gains primarily from sales of the initial product. At that time there was no plan of introducing The company does not have services to ensure immediate practice on global markets hence the need to divert resources to this sector thus leading to losses. Factors such as consumer perception lifestyles culture and language are crucial factors while considering entry in international markets. Through the SWOT analysis the company is bound to face issues of competition that will contribute to its failure. However the utilization of the primary profit-making product will be beneficial in guaranteeing an excellent opportunity for the company. It means that the global market should be sought as a trial and error affair.
Please follow rubric to complete assignment. Please use APA format as well. Utilize results from all fast track rounds to complete final paper.

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