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Social, Environmental and Legal aspects of Pestel analysis on soft drinks industry in the uk

Name Professor Course Date PESTEL analysis of Coca-Cola company in UK Social Environmental and Legal aspects of PESTEL analysis on Coca-Cola industry in the UK Coca-Cola Company is the world marketer producer and the manufacturer of concentrated beverage and also the syrups in the world. It is a famous brand all over the world. Coca-Cola Company markets the top five world famous brand and this comprises of sprite Diet Coke and Fanta. The company possesses a license for more than 480 different brands and this comprises of light and diet beverage enhanced water mineral water coffee tea sport and energy drinks (Levy & Hermann 450). The company gets the income revenue and the form of the cash flow through the selling of the finished beverages concentrated and the syrups. It was established in Britain in the year 2014 on Wimpole Street London. It is now famous all over the the Environment. Springer 2018. Slow Financial Crises and Anti-Abuse Law Fuels Tax. “How Europe Can Deliver: New Division of Tasks Would Result in Considerable Savings.” (2018). Stanton John and Craig Prescott. Public Law. Oxford University Press 2018 3-8 Swann Dennis. Competition and industrial policy in the European Community. Vol. 1. Routledge 2018. Thorman William. “Dispensing of food and beverage products.” U.S. Patent No. 9 874 389. 23 Jan. 2018. Wetter Sarah A. and James G. Hodge Jr. “Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages to lower childhood obesity: public health and the law.” The Journal of Law Medicine & Ethics44.2 (2016): 359-363. Xu Xianzhong M. G. Roland Kaye and Yanqing Duan. “UK executives’ vision on business environment for information scanning: A cross industry study.” Information & Management40.5 (2003): 381-389. Zhen et al. “Climate change mitigation strategies in the forest sector: biophysical impacts and economic implications in British Columbia Canada.” Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 23.2 (2018): 257-290.
The title of the report is PESTEL analysis on soft drinks industry in the UK.
The complete assignment must be 2000 words and do not need introduction and conclusion.
The 2000 words must be only on the Social, Environmental and Legal aspects of PESTEL.
The assignment must have at least 40 update references from academic journals.

Social, Environmental and Legal aspects of PESTEL must be applied to the soft drink industry in the UK and critically evaluated to identify the significance and impact of the application.
The report must be on the industry in the UK, not the company and follow the marking criteria provided below.
1 Critical evaluation and synthesis of issues and material which includes original and reflective thinking.
2 Clear evidence of relevant application of theory and empirical results, where applicable.
3 Excellent knowledge and depth of understanding of principles and concepts.
4 Extensive evidence of integrating appropriate supplementary sources.

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