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Similarities and Differences Between Therapy Models

Similarities and Differences between Therapy Models Student Name Institutional Affiliation Therapy is considered as a car that allows a person to unearth his or her potential instead of as a tool to assist in decreasing problems and symptoms. Strategic therapy The best possible way to explain what strategic therapy is by describing what it is not. In which case strategic therapy does not involve an individual resting on a couch and explaining the sort of inner turmoil he or she could be experiencing or having the past childhood experiences responsible for the individual’s self-image or past experiences could have contributed to a given psychological issue (Szapocznik et al. 2012). Strategic therapists are solution-finders and problem-solvers. Their concern is not the source of the problem or how it all begun rather ways to approach it and tackle it at present. Strategic therapy is defined as any form of therapy whereby patient or family’s consciousness. References AllPsychologyCareers. (n.d.). Structural family therapy. Retrieved 7th March 2018 from P. & Acar N. V. (2015 June). A view of the symbolic-experimental family therapy of Carl Whitaker through movie analysis. Education Science Theory & Practice 15(3) 575-586. DOI 10.12738 Galica J. (n.d.). Bowenian family systems theory and therapy. theravive. Retrieved 7th March 2018 from H. (n.d.). Experimental therapy and family systems theravive. Retrieved 7th March 2018 from M. P. & Schwartz R. C. (2004). Family therapy: concepts and methods. Boston MA: Allyn & Bacon Szapocznik J. Schwartz S. J. Muir J. A & Brown H. (2012 June). Brief strategic family therapy: An intervention to reduce adolescent risk behavior. Couple Family Psychol 1(2) 134-145. doi:  10.1037 L. C. (1998). Experimental family therapy: An innovative approach to the resolution of family conflict in genetic counseling. Journal of Genetic Counseling 7(2) 167 – 186
Compose a 700 word essay thoroughly detailing the similarities and differences between the models:
The following are the 4 models:
* Strategic family therapy
* Structural family therapy
* Bowens family therapy
* Experiential family
Then answer the following questions:
* Include a description of each diagnostic model and how it is used.
* Which treatments are more effective with families, couples, children, or significant others?
* Which models work best for different age groups? Explain.
* Under what conditions would you use each diagnostic model?
* Is there one overall model that the group endorses in general? If not, why not?

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