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Set 4.2 Discution

The Economy and Family Life Definition of poor Chapter 13 of the book “Marriages and Families: Changes Choices and Constraints Eighth Edition” by Benokraitis describes the family life and economy in the current US society.The term “poor” refers to people who are in a deprivation state who do not possess the socially acceptable amount of money and other possessions. The “poverty threshold” model set by the American Government is the most common measure of determining who are poor in the country. Threshold frequency recognizes “poor” as people who lack those goods and services taken for granted by members of the society. Effect of poverty on families Poverty is termed as a state of deprivation and it comes in two phases i.e. absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is the state of not having enough money to access the basic requirements of life. On the other hand relative poverty differently However the government has not done enough to reduce increased levels of poverty amongst its people. I would recommend the reduction of mass incarceration because the country detains almost 25% of the global prisoners. The continued war on illegal substances targets African American and Latino people something that took most of their breadwinners (male people) from the labor market. Employers fail to hire such people who have criminal records and most of them end up jobless resulting in poverty in their families (Bane 2008). Lastly the government should work on immigration reforms because most of the immigrants working in America face a lot of unemployment because they are not issued with relevant documents. Their families end up being poor. References Bane M. (2008). Poverty Reduction Strategies for the US. Retrieved 19 February 2018 from Benokraitis N. (2014). MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes choices and constraints 8th edition (8th ed.). Pearson.
The book : MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes, choices, and constraints 8th edition. NIJOLE v.BENOKRAITIS
SET 4.2 Discussion Question
Chapter 13
Who are the poor? How does poverty affect families? In detail, discuss the two general explanations for why people are poor and give examples. From what you have read in the chapter, evaluate the government’s effectiveness in addressing the needs of the poor. What can it do better or different? Be specific and be sure to support your answer with sources you cite in the body of your answer and include in a reference list at the bottom of your post using APA format.

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