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Servant Leadership Reflection Paper

Listening as a Principle of Servant Leadership Student’s Name Institution I find servant leadership to be the most efficient tool in leadership to enrich the lives of people impact the world to be more caring and perceptive as well as improving on service delivery in organizations (Jenkins 2014). I believe that servant leadership is a conscious decision that a leader chooses that is initiated by the inborn feeling from an individual to serve others rather than being served. Therefore a servant leader takes on the principles of an efficient servant that include empathy listening skills persuasion foresight healing stewardship growth calling nurturing the spirit as well as building the community as a work. Among the principles of servant-leadership listening principle is one of the principles that are of significance to both the leader and the entire community. I have learned that listening entails listening to others as well as expression. Paying attention to every detail will give me a chance of putting myself in their shoes. People appreciate when they find a leader who understands what they are going through. What is more when others are talking pick key points from them and help them know that you were listening. The tool will help in creating a good rapport with them. Listening skills are also implemented by creating curiosity through having an open mind while others are talking. Taking listening as learning opportunity will be a means of connecting with the person talking. References Home- Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. (n.d.). Retrieved from Jenkins S. (2014). John R. Wooden Stephen R. Cover and Servant Leadership. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching 9(1) 1-24. Schwartz M. K. & Gimbel K. G. (2000). Leadership resources: A guide to training and development tools. Greensbore NC: Center for Creative Leadership.
Write a brief reflection paper 3-4 pages (not including title or reference page) on one of the principles of Servant Leadership stating why it is of value to you giving personal examples from your experience and/or a leader whom you have observed. Also in this reflection comment on a principle that you would aspire to incorporate into your leadership goals, why you value this principle, the benefits to you and your company and how you will implement this principle. Cite two sources being sure to use APA format to write the paper. Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, Margaret Wheatley, and Ken Blanchard are key supporters of Servant Leadership. See also the Robert Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership website for additional references.

Keywords: Listening

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