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Topic: Cognitive dissonance theory Students Name Institutional Affiliation Cognitive dissonance theory The aim of this paper is the general review of cognitive dissonance theory. This theory is amongst the most influential meaningful and significant theories in the field of psychology. Cognition can be described as an attitude belief knowledge or any opinion about anything. Therefore a cognition theory can be defined as conflicting attitudes behaviors or beliefs that interfere with the normal comfort of an individual causing significant alteration of a person’s comfort and balance. According to Festingers (1967) the theory suggests that people have the ability to hold attitudes and avoid disharmony which is normally regarded as cognitive constituency principle. There is various cognitive dissonance phenomenal that justify the cognitive dissonance theories. They can be grouped into three main groups they include: selective the health problems is different with the biblical point of view hence justifying themselves saying that smoking is harmless. In conclusion it is evident enough that the cognitive dissonance theory influences peoples lifestyle behavior and attitudes towards particular beliefs. The influence of this theory in peoples life can more eighth be positive or negative depending on the situation currently affecting the person. In many cases people seem to justify what they prefer and deny what seems to contradict their interests References Covey M. (2009). Cognitive Dissonance: Fifty Years of a Classic Theory. Journal Of Family Theory & Review 1(2) 111-113. Eysenck H. (1963). A theory of cognitive dissonance. Journal Of Psychosomatic Research 7(1) 66. Oshikawa S. (1968). The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance and Experimental Research. Journal Of Marketing Research 5(4) 429.
describe the cognitive dissonance theory be sure to explain the concept or theory in detail and then discuss how the concept or theory helps you understand a current event.

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