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Sales Management and Practices

Sales Management and Practices Author Institution Affiliation Sales Management and Practices Considering the current condition of the company proper replacement of these salespeople came out as the most important step to assist in the improvement of the productivity. However I considered some of strengths and weaknesses that may come about through any steps I take with the aim of filing this positions. Among the questions in place included looking at the: Advantages of Hiring Internal Candidates for The Sales Position I did some research on past experiences and practical examples of recruiting from within the organization just to help me come up with the right choice. Having the idea of picking individuals within the organization for the vacant positions I knew I would enjoy some benefits such as: Cutting on Cost Looking to find a replacement from the organization will be cheap. all that is entailed to meet success. That will help when they need to maneuver the market and help ABC Company become improve its position regarding productivity. Keep the Training Short But Consistency This is one of the essential technique even though most clients do not give it the seriousness deserved. The reason is that it allows maximum concentration and that can only be achieved if you don’t have lengthy training sessions. In conclusion my work as a manager will base on some above issues to assist me to come up with the right way to ensure the company has increased in productivity. References Bidwell M. & Mollick E. (2015). Shifts and ladders: Comparing the role of internal and external mobility in managerial careers. Organization Science  26(6) 1629-1645. Phillips J. J. & Phillips P. P. (2016). Handbook of training evaluation and measurement methods. Routledge.
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