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Sales Letter

A Sales Letter to FSU Alumni Name of the Student Name of the Institution Course Name Date Mr. John Michael Marketing and sales manager FSU Company limited 0013 Avenue streetGeorgia Seattle 97201 March 8 2018 Mr. print media For more information log in to our company website Yours truly Mr. John Michael Marketing and sales manager Fayetteville State University.References Harty K. J. (1985). Strategies for business and technical writing. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P.
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Write a one-page sales letter to FSU alumni. The letter will promote an FSU or Broncos product such as logo apparel or accessories. Follow the writing guidelines in the background resources for this unit. All letters for this course should stick to the styles/formats in the text (pp. 127-137) or use a template that comes with your word processing software.

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