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Rhetorical Ananlysis

Name Course Tutor Date Rhetorical Analysis of an inaugural speech On 20th January the year 2009 Barack Obama gave a persuasive speech when he was taking an oath as the forty-fourth United States of America`s president. I chose to analyze this speech because of the manner in which the president articulated his plans for the people during his term as the president. Obama gave a straightforward and compelling speech that showed the way he would accomplish his agenda regardless of the global crisis of economy that affected the Americans and the people all over the world as well. The issues in Obama`s speech can be categorized into six section including honest acknowledgment of America`s crisis emphasis on the fact that America has encountered and overpowered millions of challenges and lastly address to his critics. The other three sections are encouraging the people to reconstruct America calling on support from promises the people peace. The peace that Obama pledges promotes social cohesion not only within America but even beyond the boundaries of America. Works cited “American Rhetoric: Barack Obama – First Presidential Inaugural Address.” N.p. 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2018. Augoustinos Martha and Stephanie De Garis. “‘Too black or not black enough’: Social identity complexity in the political rhetoric of Barack Obama.” European Journal of Social Psychology 42.5 (2012): 564-577. Gibler Douglas M. and Steven V. Miller. “Comparing the foreign aid policies of presidents Bush and Obama.” Social Science Quarterly 93.5 (2012): 1202-1217. Ito Rie. “Stylistic Analysis of Barack H. Obama’s Inaugural Address 2009.” The Asian Conference on Education 2012 Official Conference Proceedings. 2012. Kayam Orly and Yair Galily. “The Road to Success: An Examination of the Emotive Rhetorical Devices Appearing in Barack Obama’s Campaign Speeches Leading up to His Inauguration.” Language and Communication Quarterly 1.2 (2012): 144-168.
An rhetorical speech analysis on Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech, January 20, 2009. Instructions are included in files attached

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